Terms and Conditions

Pegasus Charters will make available the vessel PEGASUS, licensed and insured and carrying regulation safety equipment, together with skipper for each charter. PEGASUS is licensed and insured for 12 passengers and 2 crew up to 60 miles from any UK port.

PEGASUS departs from LYME REGIS harbour. Start times and trip durations are to be agreed on booking. Alterations are at the discretion of the skipper and any significant changes must be agreed in advance. The hirer will be responsible for any extra fees that may be incurred and any delays will form part of the charter.

All fishing gear, photographic equipment, items of personal clothing etc and any personal items belonging to passengers on board the vessel are the individual’s responsibility whilst on board. Pegasus Charters accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal equipment when stored on the vessel overnight.

Rods, reels, tackle and bait are available for hire but will be charged for if lost or severely damaged. Bear in mind some of these items are expensive so please treat them with respect. (there is no extra cost for any terminal tackle lost or damaged throughout the trip after you have paid the hire fee).

On booking a deposit or full payment will be requested by Pegasus Charters. If the deposit is not paid within the agreed time frame and no other communication regarding the booking is received, Pegasus Charters may offer the dates to other customers. Any price quoted may be subject to change if there are significant changes to VAT regulations or fuel costs. Any alteration will be agreed in advance.

Fees and any balance if a deposit has been paid will be due on the day of the trip or on the last day if consecutive days have been booked. For multiple charters the full amount is payable at the end of each trip and any deposit will deducted from the last payment. The agreed fee for the boat is the cost of hiring the boat for a specified period and is payable regardless of the number of passengers on board.

The hirer will forfeit any payment or deposit if they cancel a trip within 14 DAYS of the charter date for whole boat charters the 75% of the entire fee will be payable if they cancel within 48 HOURS of the charter date.

Any cancellations of individuals bookings within 14 Days of the bookings are liable to the full cost of the booking to ensure that other customers do not miss out due to your cancellation. If you give more than 14 days notice a full refund will be given.

If Pegasus Charters cancels the charter due to adverse weather conditions, problems with the boat, illness or indisposition on the skipper’s part, if possible, you will be notified in advance and either an alternative date can be offered or any payment made will be returned. Pegasus Charters does not accept any responsibility for travelling or any other costs incurred by individuals if the trip cannot take place on the day booked.

All hirers are requested to telephone Lewis the day before the trip to check for favourable weather conditions. If in the opinion of the skipper conditions are not favourable for the following day the trip may be cancelled. If possible an alternative date will be offered or any payment returned. Pegasus Charters does not accept any responsibility for any expenses incurred by individuals if trips have to be cancelled due to weather conditions.

If deteriorating weather conditions cause an early return to port, only that proportion of the trip to the nearest hour spent from port will be payable. Any decision to return early to port is the skipper’s. An insistence of return by the hirer qualifies as a complete trip and the full fee is payable.

If, in the opinion of the skipper, if any member(s) of the hirers’ party are deemed to be severely intoxicated they will be refused permission to board or returned to port if already at sea. Any time lost will form part of the charter period. The hirer will be liable to pay for the full charter period regardless of time spent at sea or number of persons on board. Any persons judged to be behaving in a reckless manner, endangering themselves, others or the vessel will be dealt with in the same manner, as will any person persistently disposing of litter overboard.

Offshore Reef/Bank, Shambles Bank, Wrecking and Shark fishing trips will be subject to conditions on the day and we reserve the right to change the destination if necessary and will reduce the fees accordingly.

The items above set out the terms and conditions under which PEGASUS may be chartered. The document forms an agreement between  Pegasus Charters (the owner) and the club, company or individuals chartering the vessel (the hirer).

On making a booking you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Please keep for your information.