Frequently Asked Questions

All trips including fishing trips leave from near the end of the Victoria Pier on The Cobb Harbour in Lyme Regis. Walk around the Cobb on the road level, past the buildings and the boat will pick you up from the steps on the harbour side near the end of the harbour wall. If in doubt, please do ask. You can view a Google Map on our Contact page.
Please arrive at the boat 15 minutes before your trip is due to depart, allowing plenty of time to park if you can't see Pegasus don't worry we won't be far away.

Layers: Even on a warm, sunny day, we recommend that you bring layers of warm clothes and wear long trousers/jeans.

Waterproofs: Waterproofs are a good idea - not only to keep you dry if it rains but also to keep your clothes clean and act as a wind break. If you bring waterproofs you always have the option of wearing them!

Shoes: Wellies or shoes you don't mind getting wet. Something with a bit of grip is a good idea.

A hat, sunglasses and sunblock: Even on overcast winter days it is easy to get sun and wind burn out on the water. Bring a hat and a good sunblock. Sunglasses are also a good idea on very bright days to protect your eyes from glare from the water

Water: We will supply you with hot drinks on longer trips, but it's a good idea to bring a bottle of water or something that hydrates you.

Lunch: If you are booked on a whole day fishing trip bring some lunch and snacks. It's amazing how hungry you get in the fresh air. It's probably best to avoid fatty/greasy foods. We have a microwave on board so you can heat up pasty or similar.

Sea sickness tablet: Even if you don't get sea sick, a good sea sickness tablet is a good idea, taken an hour before you travel. In our experience the best we've come across is Dramamine Original (dimenhydrinate) but it's only available online. Failing that, a brand with Meclizine in it can work well and are non-drowsy. We've not had great experience with brands that contain Cinnarizine such as Stugeron.

Bags: If you want to take your fish home with you then you will need some good, waterproof carrier bags or even a small cool box. A cool box is a good idea as you can put your lunch in it on the way out and your catch in it on the way home!

Harbour user Parking: During the summer season April - October you can use the designated harbour users parking if you are on a full day trip on Pegasus. This is directly in front on you from the square at the foot of Cobb road. On top of the slipway. The cost is £12 for the day. 

Monmouth beach Car Park: You can park in either the Town/District Council car park to the West of the Lyme Regis harbour. It costs £1.60 per hour.

Holmbush Car Park: You can park in the larger car park at the top of the Cobb Road. This costs £15 per day. Most anglers drop their bags at the bottom then drive back up to the top car park to park.

Public WC Faciities: There are loos at both Lyme Regis Carparks and by the harbour next to The Cobb Arms public house.

On the Cobb: There is a men's urinal on the Victoria pier - near to where the boat is boarded.

On board the boat: There is a private flushing loo on board the boat.

If you get ill and we are a long way from the harbour, unless all the other anglers agree to take you back, or we believe you require medical attention, unfortunately you will have to ride it out. The tips are, take a travel pill before you leave, stay out of the cabin, keep your eyes up and on the horizon as much as possible, and avoid fatty/greasy foods, alcohol, and sugary drinks.
Bait is included if you are paying to hire fishing rods. If you are using your own fishing rods and tackle then you will either need to provide your own bait or ask us to provide at a small extra cost.
Is it extra to hire rods, reels and tackle?

Many anglers like to bring their own kit, however we can supply you with a fishing rod and reel for a supplement of £5 for 4 hour trips and £10 for full day trips (8-10 hours). Fishing rods and tackle are included on 2 hour trips.

We will supply your end fishing tackle - traces, hooks, weights and bait. If you have your own then extra fishing tackle can be purchased on the boat if required.

You can pay by cash, card, Paypal, or BACS. You will be asked for payment when you make a booking.

We monitor the weather and we will be able to confirm your booking the day before your trip, sometimes not until the evening if we are out of phone signal range. It is your responsibility to call the skipper! If your trip is cancelled you will need to select another date. Any deposit can be refunded or transferred.

Bass Limits: There is currently a complete ban on any anglers taking sea bass between December and February (inclusive) therefore any sea bass caught during that period will have to be returned, dead or alive to the sea. Between March and November you may keep two sea bass each per day.

Protected Species: Some species of sharks and rays as well as other fish such as silver eels and shad are protected. Your skipper will tell you if a fish may be kept or if it should be returned.

Other Species: Although it is legal to keep most specimens we recommend returning small or juvenile fish to the water. We also practice only keeping what we intend to eat. It is illegal to sell on fish caught from our vessels. However, if a fish is in-size and good eating then by all means keep it for the table.

Pegasus is fully equipped with life rafts and emergency equipment to MCA category 2 standard and above. Lifejackets will be issued upon request or if the skippers deems necessary.

Beginners are welcome on all fishing trips. We are used to catering for both experienced anglers and novices. Don't worry if you've never fished before, we will show you how to fish. It's our job to help you catch and have a fun time!