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Here is our last minute availabilty (from UK Charter Boats). Spaces become available at short notice so please do call on 07519 160020.


The Fishing…

Lyme Bay provides a variety of types of fishing. Trips run all year round and you can catch a wide variety of species.

  • Inshore Reef/Bank: Targeting Bass, Bream, Bull Huss, Cod, Conger Eel, Gurnard, Plaice, Pollock, Rays, Smoothound, Whiting, Wrasse and many more.
  • Wrecking: Targeting Bass, Bream, Cod, Conger Eel, Gurnard, Pollock and Wrasse Although we usually focus on Bass, Cod or Pollock.
  • Conger Eel fishing: The many wrecks in Lyme Bay produce the best Conger fishing in the UK both for size and numbers.
  • Offshore Wrecking: Targeting Cod, Ling and Pollack.
  • Offshore Reef/Bank: Targeting Bream, Bull Huss, Conger, Rays, Spurdog and Tope.
  • Shambles Bank Trips: Targeting Brill, Turbot and Rays.
  • Shark fishing: A minimum 10 Hour trip targeting big sharks. (caught and released boat side with a picture and estimated weight)
  • 2-5 Day angling holidays to Alderney, Weymouth or Dartmouth: Fish the wrecks, reefs and banks on the way to and from Alderney, Weymouth or Dartmouth once at our destination spend 1-3 days fishing for all sorts of species, or just an overnight 2 day return trip. 

All prices below are for deep sea fishing, leaving from The Cobb Lyme Regis.

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Individual Rates

We take bookings for individuals looking for a day’s fishing. These prices (per person) do not include rod hire.

  • 4 hours Inshore Reef/Bank – £30 max 12 fishing
  • 6 hours Inshore Reef/Bank – £40 max 12 fishing
  • 8 hours Inshore Reef/Bank – £50 max 10 fishing
  • 9 hours Wrecking/Bassing – £60 max 10 fishing
  • 9 hours Offshore Reef/Bank – £65 max 8 fishing
  • 9 hours Conger Eel Fishing – £70 max 8 Fishing
  • 10 hours Offshore Wrecking – £70 max 10 fishing
  • 10 hours Shambles Bank Trip – £75 max 8 fishing
  • 10 hours Shark Fishing – £110 max 5 fishing
  • 2-5 Day Alderney, Weymouth or Dartmouth Angling Holidays – £POA

Whole Boat Charters

These prices are for the hire of the boat for up to 12 persons and do not include the hire of Rods, tackle and bait.

  • 4 hour Inshore Reef/Bank – £300
  • 6 hour Inshore Reef/Bank – £400
  • 8 hour Inshore Reef/Bank – £450 Max 10 Fishing
  • 9 hour Offshore Reef/Bank – £520 Max 8 Fishing
  • 9 hour Wrecking/Bassing – £600 Max 10 Fishing
  • 9 hour Conger Eel Fishing – £560 Max 8 Fishing
  • 10 hour Shambles Bank trip – £600 Max 8 Fishing 
  • 10 hour Offshore Wrecking – £700 Max 10 Fishing
  • 10 hour Shark Fishing – £550 Max 5 fishing
  • 2-5 Day Alderney, Dartmouth or Weymouth Angling Holidays – £POA

Rod Hire

Rod hire is available (per person) at the following rates. This is all good quality equipment supplied by The Tackle Box at Lyme Regis to give you the best chance of landing that fish of a lifetime. We can only offer Rod hire for the trips listed below. Price includes bait and/or lures

  • 4 hour Inshore Reef/Bank – £5
  • 6 hour Inshore Reef/Bank – £7.50
  • All other trips except Shark Fishing – £10
  • Shark Fishing – £20
  • Angling Holidays – £10 Per day

Shorter Trips

Shorter trips from 1 to 3 hours are available these usually involve Mackerel fishing with hand lines, or scenic cruises along the spectacular Jurassic coast to watch the coastal wildlife. You may even be lucky enough to encounter dolphins or other marine wildlife.

Hourly Boat Rate

You can hire the boat for £85.00 per hour. If we are not available on the date you require for a “shorter trip” then you can contact Nick the owner of Kraken who we can be certain will cater for all your needs.


Gift vouchers for any trip are available on request. Please call us or email us via the contact form for more information.